Oats and Smoothies

Smoothie and overnight oats and chia seeds for breakfast. Smoothie is made with water, banana, spinach, berries, lemon, chia seeds, sea salt, walnuts, collagen and Your Super moon balance and forever beautiful! This batch of overnight oats and chia wasn’t as delicious as the last one I made. I think I used less liquid last time, which created a lovely “bread pudding texture”. This batch was mushier (for lack of a better word). I prepped a big batch for the week, so I’m thinking I may try cooking the remaining servings. I’ll let you know. It’s still pretty tasty, thankfully. Made with oats, chia seeds, hemp milk, water, sea salt, lemon, bananas, cherries, walnuts and a tiny bit of maple syrup.

Oats and chia seeds cooked with Good Mylk almond milk, Maldon sea salt, Northwest Wild Foods frozen black raspberries and dried cherries, vanilla, maple syrup, almond butter and Your Super chocolate lover. I topped the bowls with toasted pecans and more dried cherries!

First time using my artificial light- clearly I have some work to do, haha!
Smoothie made with water, apple, frozen spinach and arugula, frozen black raspberries and cherries from Northwest Wild Foods, lemon juice and zest, sea salt, collagen, chia seeds and walnuts!!

Smoothie made with water, frozen chard, banana, frozen boysenberries, frozen mixed berries and frozen cherries, lemon, sea salt, flax seeds, almonds and Your Super moon balance, forever beautiful and muscle power!

Smoothie made with water, banana, chard, marionberries, currants, cherries, lemon, sea salt, chia seeds, almonds and Your Super forever beautiful and muscle power!

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