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Cinnamon and coconut granola made with oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sea salt, vanilla, cinnamon, extra virgin olive oil, honey and coconut. I topped the granola with plums seasoned with sea salt, vanilla beans and lemon juice and cinnamon apple coconut yogurt. I made the cinnamon yogurt by adding cinnamon, vanilla beans, sea salt, apple and honey to The Coconut Cult yogurt. This was delicious!

Mixed salad greens tossed with sea salt, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Salad is topped with roasted yams and chickpeas, pumpkin seeds and avocado dressed in sea salt, lemon juice and hemp seeds. This, to me, is a winning salad!


Green smoothie for breakfast made with water, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, collagen peptides, kale, apple, frozen mango, lemon juice and sea salt. I used my stainless steel straws from the Package Free Shop to drink my smoothie!


Potato and chia seed pancakes! I cooked onion and garlic in extra virgin olive oil and seasoned it with sea salt. I mashed some cooked potatoes with the potato cooking water, extra virgin olive oil, ground chia seeds soaked in water, an egg, my vegan pesto, sea salt, chili powder, lemon juice and black pepper. I stirred the onions and garlic, some chopped green bell pepper and chickpea flour into the potato mixture. I cooked the pancakes in extra virgin olive oil and served them with my vegan fire roasted tomato aioli on top!

Chocolate sticky buns! Absolutely delicious and decadent AND vegan, dairy, yeast, gluten and refined sugar-free. This was my second take on my delicious vegan and gluten free brioche dough. Dough ingredients: cassava flour, chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut manna, vanilla beans, maple syrup, sea salt, baking powder and baking soda. I stuffed my rolls with an almond mixture (almonds, almond butter, honey, sea salt and vanilla) and my cacao chocolate recipe made with cacao paste, cacao butter, maple syrup, sea salt and vanilla

I am so happy with the result. The recipe for my brioche dough and for sticky buns (cinnamon, chocolate and pumpkin) will be coming soon!

Green rice bowl for lunch! Brown rice with my vegan pesto and roasted carrots. I stirred some red leaf lettuce, seasoned with sea salt,
lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil, into my hot rice bowl. I topped the bowls with pumpkin seeds and avocado seasoned with sea salt,
lemon juice and hemp seeds.

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