Breakfasts and Lunches

Smoothie made with water, cherries, strawberries and mixed berries, banana, kale and arugula, sea salt, lemon juice and zest, chia seeds, flax seeds and Your Super muscle power! I topped the smoothies with a cacao ball made with almond butter, maple syrup, vanilla, sea salt, flax seeds, pecans, oats and Your Super chocolate lover! 

Smoothie made with water, frozen berries, cherries, banana, arugula, lemon juice and zest, sea salt, chia seeds, walnuts and Your Super muscle power!

Smoothie made with water, banana, mixed berries, arugula, lemon juice and zest, Brazil nuts, chia seeds, sea salt and Your Super muscle power!

Rice hash made with leftover rice (cooked with onions, garlic, squash, sea salt, smoked chili and beef stock), chicken, a couple chia seed eggs, Primal Kitchen chipotle Mayo and sea salt. Cooked it in avocado oil. Served the hash with some guacamole (avocado, lemon juice and sea salt) and a lettuce and chard salad tossed with lemon juice and Brightland extra virgin olive oil. I should have toasted some pine nuts for the salad but I forgot and then was too hungry. This was delicious!!

A silly and unpretentious charcuterie platter with pork skins (maple, jalapeño and bbq), goat cheeses, crackers, chips and freeze dried strawberries, mango and pineapple. Mustard and jam would have been perfect additions to this platter. I served the platter with a mixed green salad dressed with sea salt, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and toasted walnuts.

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