Non-Toxic Beds and Bedding

Living a non-toxic life is very important to me. In addition to eating clean, real and organic foods, I make sure all the personal care, hygiene and cleaning supplies in our house are non-toxic.

Having a non-toxic bed is important. We spend about a third of our lives in bed, and I want a mattress and bedding that isn’t made with chemicals and flame retardants. I want my bed and bedding to be made with materials that aren’t harmful for my body or the environment. All the beds and bedding in our home are organic and non-toxic.

Incredible Brands:

  • Naturepedia: organic mattress. This mattress is amazing and comfortable!
  • Avocado mattress: mattress, mattress protectors and pillows. I love this company. The mattresses are so comfortable and their mattress protectors are super thick. And we love our shredded latex pillows!
  • Medley home furniture: latex mattress. This mattress is very comfortable and a bit thinner than the other two mattress brands listed above. It is the perfect mattress for a pullout couch. This brand makes all kinds of furniture. They use real materials and the furniture is customizable for you and your space. I have a pullout couch, an ottoman and a sectional from Medley. Everything is wonderful!
  • Soaring Heart: pillows that are amazing! There is a perfect pillow for everyone! I love the shredded latex pillows. My husband loves the kapok pillows.
  • Coyuchi: organic bedding, pillows, comforters, blankets and more. Their sheets, down pillows, down comforter, and organic cotton comforter are amazing. I love Coyuchi!
  • Boll and branch: organic bedding and towels. These sheets are the softest ever. I love their pillow protectors. Plus, their towels are the best and enormous!

*this is not a sponsored post.


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