Breakfasts, Lunch and a Dinner

This post includes a few meals from my wedding anniversary to Cabo Mexico and a few meals from this week.

Below: mushroom sourdough toast with salad, avocado, eggs and habanero salsa. I also had a ginger watermelon juice, coffee, sparkling water and chlorella water.


Below: sea bass ceviche and a salad. So fresh and fantastic!


Below: veggie omelet with salsa, smoked salmon, green juice and coffee.


Below: green smoothie with lettuce, apple, frozen pineapple, flax seeds, collagen peptides, lemon and sea salt.


Below: tomato and onion salsa served with halibut tacos. I crisped up some chickpea and cassava tortillas, cooked some halibut and made an arugula salad with pumpkin seeds, sea salt, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. This was delicious and light!


Below: green breakfast smoothie made with water, Dino kale, lemon, frozen pineapple, flax seeds, collagen peptides, almonds and sea salt.



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