Breakfasts, Lunches and Holidays

Smoothie made with water, banana, greens, mango, lemon juice, hemp seeds, flax seeds, sea salt and collagen!

Smoothie made with water, banana, frozen mixed berries, sea salt, lemon juice, hemp seeds, flax seeds and collagen.

Asian inspired chicken wings, veggies and rice noodles. I used ginger, garlic, olive oil, peanut oil, apple cider vinegar, lime juice, coconut aminos, fish sauce, soy sauce and chili to flavor this dish. I cooked the rice noodles according to the directions and then rinsed them in cold water to stop the cooking and lightly coated them in olive oil with sea salt before adding them to the veggies.

Latkes made with shredded potatoes and onion, egg, flour, sea salt and pepper. I cooked them in plenty of avocado oil and topped them with flaky sea salt. So delicious!! I was going to serve these with some whipped goat cheese and micro greens , but we had groceries delivered and they brought the wrong kind of cheese and forgot the micro greens. These were still delicious!

Challah!!! I made these for a candied pecan and maple cream cheese French toast- which was fantastic! Except my stand mixer broke while I was making them and I had to knead them by hand! Oh my goodness, I haven’t done that in forever. Thankfully they still turned out yum!

Toasted challah with a mixed green salad, egg and jalapeño jack chicken sausage!

Marshmallows!!! Thankfully I made these before my stand mixer broke!

Marshmallows made with water, gelatin, sugar, maple syrup, egg whites and sea salt.

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