Gua Sha

I love practicing with a gua sha. It is such a cool tool that I use to massage my chest, neck and face, break up facial adhesions and help move lymph.

The gua sha pictured is Jackie Van Ruler’s green jade nephrite stone.

I have used a gua sha (sporadically) and a detector (much more regularly) for the past 8 months. The past 2 months, I have been very regularly (nearly daily) using my gua sha. My skin is so soft and I have less hyperpigmentation where my ezxema used to be (around my mouth and chin). My neck and decolatette feel so much smoother. My little worry lines on my forehead are lighter. And thanks to moving lymph, I am no longer waking up with puffy morning eyes!

The scar I’ve had for about 3 years has completely faded away in the last two months! I got the scar from my dog Lola. We were playing with a toy and she accidentally scratched my face. The scar sat low and close to my nose on my right cheek; it was very thin and nearly an inch long. It was light to medium (definitely not a deep/big scar). A few months ago, I noticed that the scar had faded (from regularly detector use, irregular gua sha use and very regular red light therapy). But after using the gua sha these past couple months, it is completely gone… So cool*!

I am learning gua sha from Jackie Van Ruler. You can purchase an authentic and high quality gua sha tool from her, and she has many free videos (on her website, instagram and You Tube) where you can follow along. I first did her Love Your Face, Love Your Life free program and enjoyed it so much that I purchased her Give Yourself a Facelift program. I am so glad I did! It is a series of detector and gua sha videos that teach you how to use them. I cannot say enough good things about her program. My skin is so much better. It is such a transformative experience, I will always practice it!

* I should note that in addition to gua sha, I am regularly practicing with a detector and face taping, using a red light/led mask, a micro current, frozen cryo gold wands and a vibrating rose quartz roll. I am sure that all of these things combined have helped erase my scar. But I maintain that facial reflexology and gua sha are the most important of these practices!

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