Facial Reflexology

I will be starting a new weekly post: self care practices. I will be sharing various self care practices that help me stay grounded, healthy and happy! Self care is important to me because it consists of mental and physical ways of loving, respecting and caring for myself.

Facial reflexology: I love facial reflexology. It is so easy to do and feels great! Reflexology is a therapeutic method that stimulates points correlating to different parts of the body. Reflexology brings blood flow to the treated area. You practice facial reflexology using a stainless steel wand/detector. Using the tool, you rub circles on your face (using just the weight of the tool). There are many different protocols you can practice (depending on your goals; ex dry skin, allergies, greying hair) or you can just go along your face and stop any wear you feel bumpy or sensitive and make sure to complete 15 circles on that spot. Make sure to breathe in-and-out through your nose and treat it as a meditative experience. I usually use my detector first thing in the morning and\or at night before bed. Sometimes after work, my husband and I will do a gua sha (more on that later) and detector routine together.

Resources: Jackie Van Ruler, Danna from Noy Skincare and Veronica from Eunoia Esssentials. I love to watch the protocols from these wonderful women. You can find all of them online, look for Eunoia Essentials on Instagram. You can buy detectors (and gua sha’s) from all three of them.

For me, I started off with Jackie Van Rulers’ detector and gua sha videos. She has a wonderful kind energy and I love learning from her. She is very responsive on instagram and has answered all of my questions. I ended up falling in love with the practice and purchased her Quantum Face Lift (a series of videos to help you facial massage, break up facial adhesions and move lymph using a gua sha and videos for using the detector). When I first started using the detector, I had enlarged pores on my cheeks, black heads on my nose and exzema around my mouth and chin. Using the detector (and gua sha) truly changed my skin! It took a couple months of consistent use for my skin to change. My pores slowly got smaller, the blackheads on my nose became lighter and fewer, and the exzema definitely calmed down. I will do the post about gua sha next week because I really think both of these practices together make a huge difference. It took me a while to get through all the quantum facelift videos, but I definately wish I had done it sooner. After 8 months of practicing facial reflexology and 2 months of regular gua sha use (8 months of irregular use) my skin is looking so hydrated and plump! My pores are small and my blackheads scarce.

Danna from Noy Skincare has the most beautiful gua sha stone and a two sided detector. She has tons of videos on her instagram and website demonstrating different protocols. I have been practicing her detector videos for many months now and I absolutely love her energy. I love her calm and moisturize video on Instagram. She is also super responsive on instagram and will answer any questions!

Eunoia Essentials has so many lovely gua sha and detector videos on her instagram. They are super easy to follow and Veronica is so kind and helpful. I bought her terahertz detector and love it. I love to use it straight out of the freezer or hold it up to an ice cube before using. Like Jackie and Danna, she responds and answers questions on her instagram.

I love facial refelxology because it feels good, it’s good for me and it makes my skin look great!

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