Coffees and A Few Latte Tips

Latte made with Just Coffee β˜•οΈ Good Mylk πŸ₯› Four Sigmatic πŸ„

Iced latte made with Just Coffee β˜•οΈ Good Milk πŸ₯› Four Sigmatic πŸ„ and ice.

Latte Tips:

Blended lattes are delicious and easy (no frother/steamer needed). Blend coffee, milk and other desired ingredients (vanilla, cinnamon, honey, maple syrup, cacao…) in a blender. Pour and enjoy. This method works for hot or cold coffee.

Classic hot lattes are made by pouring hot frothed milk over espresso. At home, brew coffee (or espresso) however you normally do and pour the steamed/ frothed milk over the coffee. I recommend buying a milk frother because they are amazing! If you don’t want to buy a frother, you can buy a handheld frother. They are inexpensive and create a pretty nice foam.

Iced lattes are the easiest! They are made by pouring milk over espresso and adding ice. At home, brew coffee (or espresso) then add the milk and then the ice.

Vanilla extract (or even better vanilla beans) and cinnamon are awesome additions to lattes! As always, I would recommend Mountain Rose Herbs. Their stuff is the best!

Consider buying reusable coffee cups and straws for when you are out and about and/or purchasing coffee. A little bit of practice and it will be second nature to bring your own cup/straw. Maybe keep a few clean ones ready to go in your car. I really love Package Free Shop for straws and coffee cups (and so much more!). Keep cup is my favorite brand (I also like Yeti).

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