I know I missed the trend on this, but I wanted to give it a try!! My first attempt at dalgona coffee. I didn’t whip it long enough, so it’s not as fluffy as it’s supposed to be. Oh well, wish me better luck next time!
Almost dalgona 😬 coffee made with Good Mylk hemp milk, ice, vanilla, instant coffee, coconut palm sugar and hot water!

Okay, so I tried to make a dalgona coffee again and my little hand frother died after 1 minute. I’m presuming that’s why it didn’t work yesterday. My hand frother didn’t have enough strength. 
Good Mylk hemp milk with vanilla and ice topped with a syrup (instant coffee, coconut palm sugar and hot water). So yum!!

Just Coffee, Good Mylk almond creamer, water, vanilla and Four Sigmatic lions mane.

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