The Coconut Cult Obsession

I am completely in love with The Coconut Cult coconut yogurt. It is hands-down the best yogurt I have ever tried. It is tangy, versatile and can be used on its own (or with a bit of honey and sea salt) wherever you would use yogurt. It can also be used in baked goods to create a moist texture and offer a tangy flavor which plays well with many ingredients (berries, apples, chocolate, citrus and more!).

How I use The Coconut Cult yogurt:

  • I love all the flavors served with granola for the most delicious granola bowls ever!
  • I love the plain and vanilla versions on top of fresh fruit (raspberries and blackberries are my favorite).
  • I love the vanilla version (or the plain version mixed with honey or maple syrup, sea salt and vanilla) on top of absolutely any dessert!
  • It is also amazing when spun into frozen yogurt using an ice cream maker or attachment for a stand mixer. Recipes coming soon!

*this is not a sponsored post.




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