Breakfasts and Lunches

Below: flax, chia and almond pancakes layered with a date and almond sauce and kiwis and plums seasoned with lemon juice, lemon zest, sea salt and The Coconut Cult vanilla yogurt. This was delicious!

Below: chickpea and cassava bake topped with mushrooms, avocado and salad.

Below: breakfast smoothie with greens, collagen peptides, sea salt, flax seeds, peaches and frozen blueberries!

Below: quinoa bowl with avocado, chickpeas, tomato sauce and sweet potatoes. Lettuce is seasoned with sea salt, balsamic and extra virgin olive oil and tossed into the hot quinoa bowl.

Below: chia, honey and cacao breakfast pudding topped with coconut and cacao nibs.

Below: green smoothie made with chlorella, pineapple, apple, flax seeds, hemp seeds, sea salt, apple cider vinegar and collagen peptides.


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