Sourdough Starter: what it is and how I use it instead of commercial yeast.

Sourdough starter is wild yeast.

I use it instead of conventional yeast in recipes.

Here is the conversion math to use sourdough starter instead of commercial yeast:

To calculate the amount of sourdough starter to use in a recipe, add the total flour and liquid weights together. 30% of the total flour and liquid weight will be the weight of sourdough starter to use in the recipe. Subtract 1/2 of that total sourdough starter weight from each the flour and liquid weights in your original recipe. Now continue on with your recipe knowing that baked goods using a sourdough starter need a pre-fermentation process, a proper mixing method, a cloth to cover (made of breathable material), and lots of rising time in a warm and moist environment.

I recommend starting with my whole wheat bread recipe and whole wheat pizza dough recipe when first working with your sourdough starter. Both recipes coming soon!

Ingredients and Method:

  • sourdough starter
  • wheat berry flour or another wheat flour
  • water
  1. Prepare your sourdough starter according to the package instructions using wheat berry flour (or another wheat flour of your choice).
  2. Store at room temperature, feeding it daily or store in the refrigerator and feed it every 3-4 days. If using sourdough starter from the refrigerator, allow it to come to room temperature for 30 minutes, feed it then wait another 30 minutes before using.


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