Tata Harper Skincare!

My husband, Dad and I just got my Mom a big basket full of Tata Harper for Mother’s Day!

I love Tata Harper Skincare! Click for a link to her website filled with the best products.

I briefly touched on her amazing products in my Beauty Products blog post 

I wanted to go into more detail about her products and why I love them! All products are 100% free of GMO’s, toxins, fillers, artificial colors and fragrances and synthetic chemicals. Each bottle is batch numbered, meaning you can track when it was made, ensuring freshness. All products are made with these incredible ingredients on Tata Harper’s farm in Vermont. Read all about her ingredients, sourcing and production process on her website: tataharperskincare.com. This truly is luxurious skincare made for the non-toxic person!

*This is not a sponsored post.

I am on a mission to try every Tata Harper Product, that’s relevant for me! These are my findings so far…

Body moisturization:

  • body scrub, the smoothing body scrub is something I do monthly (after dry brushing my skin) to keep my skin soft.
  • body oil: the revitalizing body oil is my favorite body oil ever (although I do still love coconut oil too): its silky and my skin feels amazing after my shower.
  • body balm: The body balm is amazing and thick and luxurious. I smooth it on my thighs, belly and chest.


  • The regenerating cleanser: I use this cleanser in the morning
  • The purifying cleanser is amazing! I use it at night and on my legs to help minimize pores.
  • The nourishing oil cleanser: I use this cleanser at night (following the purifying cleanser)


  • I use the clarifying mask when I have a pimple or two.
  • The resurfacing mask I use at least once a week: I apply it directly on top of my purifying or regenerating cleanser, massage into my skin and let sit for 10 minutes. Then I rinse with warm water.
  • The boosted contouring eye mask is amazing and helps keep my eyes dark circle and puffy free.


  • Illuminating moisturizer and eye cream: These two products are amazing! I use them instead of makeup. I apply the illuminating moisturizer around my face and use a dab of illuminating eye cream around my eyes.
  • Blush: I love the very sweet and very charming blush colors. I apply blush after my illuminating moisturizers and before my brightening serum.
  • Brightening Serum: I love this. I use it over my illuminating moisturizer and eye cream (and blush) during the day. At night, I apply it to my face after cleansing (and before oiling).
  • Retonioc nutrient face oil: I use this at night as my last beauty regime step.
  • Lips: be true is the everyday product for your lips. It is amazing! I also love: very sweet, very charming and be adored for lip tints.




Mother’s Day Basket for my Mom (loaded with Tata Harper):IMG_3223




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